Proven Ways To Fight Stress And Fatigue

Proven Ways To Fight Stress And Fatigue

Practice a good breathing technique

Below is a known breathing technique that has been suggested and practice by many because it is effective.

Take 5 seconds to slowly inhale a larger than normal volume of air. Hold it in your lungs for 5 seconds then take 5 seconds to slowly exhale the air. Do this 9 more times. In less than two minutes time, this exercise can significantly reduce any stress and anxiety.



Go for a walk

When you are not in a good mood, you always say that you are very busy that you don’t have time to go for a walk but the reality is taking the time for a walk decreases stress. Going for a walk like 30 minutes to 1 hour every day makes you energized and ready to face stressful situations again in your job.

According to a research, walking can reduce your stress in a number of ways:

  • It feels better because walking pumps up your brain’s “feel good” receptors and your endorphins.
  • It lowers the symptoms of mild depression and anxiety.
  • It can improve your confidence and self-esteem. Your ability to handle problems will improve as well.
  • It gives you a feeling of control over your body and mind because it makes your brain more active when you regularly go for a walk.
  • It can also be considered as a form of calming meditation in motion. When walking, you are letting your mind to relax making it more energize.



Have a good night sleep

It is a fact that if you are stress, your sleeping habit may be affected. It is not easy to get a good night’s sleep if you are stressed. Try to relax your mind and body to get a good night sleep. Do not count sheep so that you can sleep.



Listen to relaxing music

Music has the ability to change the mood of a person. It can calm, it can make you happy and it can make you get up and dance then move according to the rhythm of the music. It can also make you think more clearly. To some, they can focus more on their studies or paperwork when listening to music. So do not forget to look for a music gadget that you can save varieties of music that relax you.



Do something that you enjoy

Take a break! Read for a bit. Look for the best-selling novel that you like to read or watch a TV show especially a funny one or something that has a good story. You may also chat with friends. Some relax by checking out an online humor site like sites with memes.


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